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all my friends think j quit cutting but secretly I've gotten worse. I've found new places to cut. I just can't stop myself. I hate myself after but releasing my pain onto my skin always feels "better"

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  • idk if this will help but what I did to get rid of that habit is in a notebook or diary I would cut the page with what ever I use to cut myself with and after I would just close the notebook and close my eyes and breathe in and out and just think of things that I should be happy about simple things like I have a roof over my head, I have clothes to wear that I like, I have food that fipos my tummy and just keep breathing in and out until I feel a bit relaxed. it has also helped me stay positive about life (: Keep breathing sunshine (: you are beautiful.

  • I don't really understand cutting or depression, and I'm not going to pretend to, but sometimes when I'm feeling more down than I'm used to, I draw on myself or I have a conversation in the mirror. This is probably pointless but I had to say something.

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