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Every morning, I show up 10 minutes earlier than you. Whenever you walk through the hallway you look at me, when I look back at you, we both smile. Your locker is close to mine so I can smell your perfume and I just fade away in it. We have every class together. We sit side by side, in every class. Passing notes back and forth, sometimes about something very pointless, other times, about how we feel about each other. We're not dating, but we're both interested in one another. Whenever you look at me with those beautiful eyes, I lose my place. Not in the class, but in life. I no longer know what I am doing without you. I get lost, but I don't want to be found. All I can think about all day is kissing you and cuddling with you, watching movies together under our blanket forts. I just want to hold your waist.. feel your body. I want to hold your hand everywhere we go together, I want to take those dorky relationship pictures with you and only you. I want to carry you around when you're tired, I want to kiss your cheeks. I want you. ❤

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  • dude just ask this person out. you're lucky.

  • listen.... stop wasting time. take a few minutes after class or what ever and just see how close you can get before she starts getting out of her comfort zone. you might find she wants to be as close as you. ;) good luck squire!!!

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