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Today, i looked in the mirror and then wonder why I never dated, never had bf and all. Now I knew why, I never take care of how look. I wear the dead look on my face all the time. No make up. Dried lips. Zombie dark eyes circle. I'm a little overweight but that's okay. Fashion? Uhm.. not so much. I'm very comfortable with jeggings and shirts all the time. That's why. I would never date myself either. No money to invest to make myself look nice. *sigh

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  • Hey honey don't worry about the money. Most guys don't care. Most guys strive to me the alpha male buy bringing home the bread. Men like this. Honey I am sorry the less attractive people find love later. It's how it's been for me. You might wanna try. I tried to make self look good. And it certain things. You got the make up right. But lip stick. Aww my gawd. As a guy I love that. Everybody finds attractive a little different. I love you stay strong.

  • Love yourself! And smile always. not for others but because you love yourself.

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