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I am a guy and I have this female friend whom I work with. Don't get me wrong, we are a good friend and she is an amazing co worker I ever work with and also I have a gf (we're happy). However, I have this things going on my head about her, I don't think she's that bad looking. Average. Apart from her being clumsy and awkward attitude, she is actually pretty smart. I don't get why would anyone badmouthing about her looks behind her back. Not just the ladies even the guy said they would never date her. That's that. While I was dating my gf last week, we went for a movie and saw her sitting alone at the cinema. She looked a bit different tho. I feel like she just put up her happy face because she is lonely. I don't know why I thought about her and just feel like confessing it here.

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  • You have compassion for her. talk to your girlfriend about it. tell your gf that the two of you would like to befriend her (if your gf agrees) and invite her to dinner or out to eat or a church gathering or something. This gives her a chance to feel loved and have friendships. even invite other people along occasionally too. this might provide a possibility for her to start dating, and if the boy is a friend of yours, then hopefully you would approve and tell your friend how great it would be for the two of them to get to know each other better.

  • sounds like your starting to care for her

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