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So this girl and I have some history. We dated in the past, but something important to me came up, so the relationship didn't last long at all. Though we spent months before hand talking and learning to understand eachother. I care about this girl still, and I'd like to give our relationship a chance now that I've beat my demons you know? We'll this girl, it pains me to see her because people such as her friends want to use her as sex as if she was a mere object. I've tried to show her how incredible she is, and how these people are treating her. Well she asked me if she could have a threesome with her best friend (her ex that uses her for sex. Guilt trips her into it) and someone I don't know. She knows how I feel about her, and she someone how feels the same way, but I wear my scars upon my sleeves, and I've seen strangers who seem to care more than she does. Anyways she asked if she could do it (even though we're not dating) abd I told her "Sure. Go for it, but let me tell you why I say that. People naturally like to do what they want especially when they're told no. I don't want you to be dishonest or act out of spite. I give you permission, because I at least know what's going on instead of you going behind my back and doing whatever you want anyways. So yes, you have my permission." If she goes through with it I can't say I have any desire to be with her. I'd rather intertwine our fingers into eachothers hand then worry about how I'm going to live the rest of my life with an STD, you know? I want to help her, but I'm lost as what to do.

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  • help yourself and stop talking to this person. she sounds like no good for you at all. there are better females in this world.

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