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My name is Daegan, I have spent my life trying to help people. If anyone has a emotional or mental problem, and wants to try and get better. You can add me on Kik @daeganmroz and I would try to do my best to help or introduce you to someone who would try as well. Thank you.

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  • Why does Confesstor delete my other posts like this but not this one? Really?

  • To the message at the bottom saying you must help yourself before you help others, I understand. Believe me I do, but I've made it for the most part. Depression is simply a part of my personality now, and it has been for years, and it always will be because I accept it. Because with my depression I have empathy for others. I can't simply say I'm sorry to someone hurting because I get it. I know their suffering, and the torment. I don't want anyone to feel alone, and helpless in this world because I went through it and wanted to die for years without end. If anyone wants help, yes I'm sure my life will have some problems, it already has two ones that bother me currently, but I can deal with it. I have a very strong support system of friends who have helped me get better, and they'd help someone else if I only ask them to. My goal is to help as many people as I can before I lose the ability to, when I can no longer speak, no longer breath. You are very right, I can't help someone while absorbed with my own problems, but I've taken care of mine, and I'd like to help others get through theirs. Still I'd like to thank you, and everyone else for your feedback on this method of trying to find people I might be able to help.

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