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There's this new girl at my job. she's a busser. Today, she looked like she was having a BAD day. After she got off work, she left. and then she called me asking if I found any money anywhere. she had lost her tip share. I did not find any money lying around anywhere. I had compassion for her, so I called her and gave her mine, but I told her I had found hers. she doesn't know it was my money that I was giving her. After work, my mom asked me what had occurred tonight. I told her this story. and she completely went off on me. angrily, she said to "stop being like that." She says she hates it whenever I'm being "too kind." My mom gets irritated with me for being compassionate. and she wonders why I started cutting.... She even said that I was inconsiderate and irresponsible. she said that she would end up having to pay for stuff that I needed, that I expected it from her. first of all, I'm 17 and if I didn't have a job, she would need to support me. but what she doesn't realize is that I try to repay everything I can when she pays stuff for me. I paid for 2/3 of drivers ed ($325), and my dad paid for half of the remainder. and I paid for my permit ($37.50). And every time we go to the store, I always pay for my stuff. the only thing I don't pay for is food and laundry soap. She tells me I'm disrespectful and not appreciative. If I don't have money, I won't go out buying new clothes and shoes. I save money and only spend when I can. I just got paid yesterday. and besides, that was my tip share for the day that I paid the girl busser. it's not like I lost anything anyway. Am I in the wrong at all??

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  • you're so sweet. oh my gosh. I'd love to know and be friends with someone like you.

  • I'm sorry you have to experience the shit either. not being weird but wow! your stories are exactly like mines. I feel quite okay that I'm not alone with these. so yeah. I feel you and I just wish I know you so we can support each other's struggles. but here's the the thing, you never did anything wrong. you have a big heart and embrace that. the girl busser.. I feel light hearted that you share such thing. I did those too one time when I used to work in a restaurant. and j don't think your are disrespectful and un appreciative. you mom just doestn see that. but just remember this. you know who you are and even what your mom is telling you shouldn't affect you. because you telling that sound like you are a nice person.. so... sorry I said a lot its just I exactly experience d that I'm how it feels

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