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There's this guy I went out with for a while and I really really like him. We broke up but we are constantly on and off and usually act like a real couple. We still have sex and all of that stuff. I can't help but want to experience what it's like with other guys (and girls). It's hard to explain but I just feel so attracted to other people too, not usually in a relationship type of way more of a sexual type of way. I have sex with other people and he says he's okay with it but when i tell him about it he freaks the fuck out! I want to be with him when I'm older but I feel like right now I want freedom to do whatever I want before settling down. I don't know what to do? Opinions?

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  • you should visit a psychiatrist, just to be sure. seriously

  • make up your mind coz you don't know what you want. and since you don't know what you want you don't know what to do.

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