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To avoid growing old into a woman with just cats as companions, I made a deal with my guy childhood friend last year that we're going to marry each other if we're both still single by the age of 28. It's weird we made that when I was at the moment dating my first love. Ahaha I just realized how shallow my first love is to even think of marrying my friend. Maybe it's what you call puppy love. My friend and I are currently 14 and a half years old. My first love is 17. It's true that people of my age shouldn't date as of the moment. I am so happy I am single. I have never felt this free! :D

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  • how i met your mothers a great show but not everything you see on TV id a good idea

  • Wong Fu moment- I had to say it. But I gotta say, that's kinda idiotic.

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