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When I was 10 or 11 (I'm 12 now) I went to a bowling alley called rock and bowl with my sister and my bff for my dad's job because they were having a party or something, I think it was his boss's birthday. Rock and Bowl has this big dance floor thing and we were at the far corner. We were sitting on a bench and there was a table in front of us and we were just talking and stuff but then this 30-40 year old man jumped on the table in front of us and started like belly dancing and the he leaned over and looked at me and did a kissy face then grabbed my arms and tried to pull me on the table. I was scared shitless but I thought that maybe he had something wrong with him like a brain disability or something and so I just said, "Uuuhh come on guys lets just go get something to eat" and they stared at me because they saw the fear in me so then we all ran to the bathroom and they asked if I was ok and everything. About an hour or two later they had brought hula hoops. Me, my sister and my friend were in the middle of the dance floor thing hula hooping then the man from earlier approached me so I froze. He put his hand out and didn't say anything so I thought he wanted the hula hoop or wanted to give it to someone else to use so I quickly gave it to him and backed up a little, then he grabbed it, threw it on the ground, and just syared me dead in the eye. I couldn't move because I was in shock and was really scared. Then, he smiled and picked it up and put it over me, then put himself in the hula hoop with me. It wad really small so he was really close and he started to put one arm around my hip and the other around my back and I was so scared so I jumped really high to get out and I have no idea how I did it, and I couldn't scream for some reason I just couldn't nothing would come out, so I just ran with my mouth wide open all the way to the bathroom and I shit you not I got there in like .03 seconds and it was all the way on the other side of the bowling alley. Mt sister and my friend chaced after me and then they hugged me and asked if I was ok and everything because they didn't see what happenend they just saw the horror when I was running and how fast I ran, and I think they saw me just out of the hula hoop (or maybe they just saw me really high in the air). I told them everything and they rushed me to my dad so I could tell him but it was sooo loud in the bowling alley so I think all he heard was hula hoops and ran so he said, "Raye-Ann just go play with the hula hoops and don't run they will yell at you." I haven't told anybody except close friends but no adults know and I just can't stop thinking about it even though it happened a year ago.

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  • the lesson is dont go to clubbing if you are underage. serves you right.

  • the man just wanted a little head why didn't you suck him off

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