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I haven't cared about anything for the last two years. At all. I don't see purpose, I don't see use. I've tried all sorts of things to find some semblance of interest in my life, but I just don't enjoy anything anymore. I tried helping people, because I'd read that helping people made you feel good and appreciated, but nothing. I helped some pregnant woman carry her shopping a mile, but it would have made no difference to me if I'd kicked her into the gutter and robbed her. I tried religion, but none of it is remotely logical, and I can't 'feel' whatever the priest/rabbi/imam was talking about feeling, and a psychiatrist was no help whatsoever. I wake up in the morning not even caring if I go to bed at night, and the only reason I'm alive is because my family and 'friends' that I feel little for, but can remember caring about deeply, would be upset. Only the memory of close feelings for others is keeping me going at this point, and my life isn't even difficult at this point. I have a home. A job. Money, food, water, I have everything, but I feel nothing. Not even when giving things away. And nobody else knows. I only ever told the useless therapist, I've just been pretending around everyone else. But it's just so tiring... So tiring. I'm not even sad or anything, I just don't see anything as useful. I don't see the point of anything. I just don't feel anything anymore.

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  • Suicide i hasnt commited it for my lack of balls so after doing it do things you will do if you know you will die like parachutting stealing a supermarket ( not a small business cause that will affect small business and families) like a big gas station( big i mean a knowed bramd like texaco,shell,puma, a big brand) and getting a life insurance for your family aldo spending all your cash traveling like if you live in us go to argentina and walk to us again and shit. Also if someone in school abused someone badly hide drugs in his car/house/jacket and report him/her

  • As a sinester/religius/whatever point of view you loose your soul in a bet or someone took it

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