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I took part in an excange programm and went to Paris for half a year. After three weeks I broke up with my BF and got together with a french guy. I met another guy two weeks later and did Heroin with him, and cheated on my new BF (french guy) with him several times, so I would get more H from him. I stopped doing H when I went home. Now I really miss it and occasionally do some with a friend of mine. I'm afraid to become addicted, but I think I already am.

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  • i heard heroin is the worst kind of addiction. i saw strong and proud dudes reduced to suckin dick at gas station for H.

  • Ex heroin addict here. I was addicted, doing it every day, multiple times a day for three years straight. Lost my jobs, began stealing to make sure I didn't withdrawl. (Worst feeling in the world.) I really hope you stay away from it.. An addicted life is not some glorious life that's all about getting high and having fun. It is at first, but that changes very quickly. Trust me. Get as far away from it as you can.

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