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A gay guy admitted he had a crush on me.. I played him like a fool, starting from dirty talk until I convince him to jerk off on cam and took pictures of his dick.. I then took those things and sent them to all his friends..

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  • It's well known home o's have no feelings. It's like treading on a twig and hearing it snap. No harm done.

  • Dude my said there were these straight guys that gay off...I did not believe her... then he said hey by the way do you wanna gay off...and then me and my girl were in a fight and she liked him and I called her and she decided she wanted to date him... I told her...and she found out and then wanted me back...I can't believe that a FAGGOT would ask straight guys to gay off...and the filming it puts you in a weird light...but still it's funny....and I hate FAGGOTS and all of them should be put in front of a firing squad...so i really like humiliating faggots and all forms of faggots so I think you outta look at how they prey on straight children. on the streets. so go die all of you faggots. and sympathetic fucks.

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