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My sister is depressed and she's completely tearing my family apart. She doesn't even care about getting better - she refuses to ever talk to her therapist and fights my parents on taking her medication. I completely resent her for it, but my parents don't blame her for anything. I feel like such an awful person/sister for hating her so much for this, but i just can't help it. My parents completely ignore everything that i do unless its something bad, but my sister is praised endlessly for anything that she does. I am always always always so sad about everything, but i won't ever tell my parents because i don't want them to worry. When i'm eighteen, i don't want to ever see any of them again, and i feel so guilty about it.

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  • I'm 17 years old and have been suffering from depression for 4 years...I've had fights over taking my meds and seeing my therapist and goin to the hospital. I dont do it to be selfish, or get attention. I do it because sometimes I can't control it and I'm in pain. Depression is a constant pain and sadness and feeling of doom. And really the only way to end it is if you have people supporting you and something to pull you out of it. which people with depression rarely have. you'll never know how much it hurts til it hits you.

  • Talk to them about it

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