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I wasn't the smartest one in school, nor was I ever popular. I was bullied and treated like crap. At about 17yrs old, I started smoking pot, doing cocain and heroin. I fought and was arrested on 4 counts. A year later, i was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon and possession of pot and resisting arrest. I didn't have any family members at all. After I was released, a man came up to me and showed me the way, sure I was hard headed and I rarely listen the crap this man said, but after a year and half under the care of this man. I changed my life, I am about to get married. I have the best job I can ever ask for. Sadly, this man passed away a month ago, and I am grateful of him to have helped me succeed. Not only that, he left 2 grandkids behind and I will take care if them just how he took care if me!!!

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  • Welcome to foster care!

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