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After a week of a new relationship I was demoted to the friendzone because he wasn't over his ex. I want to to walk away completely to save some self respect, I also want to stay around and see if anything changes.

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  • Do you really want to stay and wait for him to make up his heart/mind? Are you okay with the idea of being just a "rebound"? If yes, keep waiting. But if you have some sense of self-respect, you`ll walk away. I know it`s hard, but it`s the best thing you can do, and you`ll see that later on.

  • In some way it was...nice of him to tell you he still has emotions for another and cut things off - imagine how it would have been if two of you were together for months, if not years, and THEN you would find out he still loves his ex. Horror! But yeah, listen to the advice below, my friend, and walk away.

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