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I really like this lady who was introduced to me by a friend. she's beautiful, funny and sweet. Then a girl added me on fb, we started talking about stuff and she said she can do fortune telling. she guessed what kind of relationships I had with my past exes. she was right for the most part. Then this girl told me that the girl I like will only break my heart and play with me. I talked to one of my cousin and she said the same thing because for some reason, she said that this lady gives off some weird "aura". Iv'e been talking to this lady for abount 2 or 3 weeks now, everything about her seems right, even my friend is building her up to me and vice versa. what I don't get is why is this "fortune telling" girl and cousin discouraged me from taking this girl seriously.

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  • Um, how about not listening to what some stupid teenage girls are telling you

  • whats goes around comes around dickhead! lmao

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