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When I was a kid this kid randomly punched me in the face(at that time my grandfather gave me a switch blade with tools and everything , I always wondered why). So I saw the kid went back with his mother like nothing happened I pulled my switch blade , and had the options to stab him with him . I had mercy so I did nothing. Since them I wondered if I'm a pshycopath

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  • As a person who actually is a psychopath - no, I don't think so. Psychopaths don't usually have mercy. It's more about our personal gain, you see. When I'm mad at someone, I sometimes think about stabbing them, but basically it wouldn't be worth the effort and the jailtime. So I just casually "make up" with them and pull some strings to subtly destroy their life untill they have nothing left but me, their "most loyal friend". And then I leave. Mercy is not a thing that fits into the psychological principle of being a psychopath. "Psychopaths lack empathy and basically have no real feelings, their feelings are just shallow reflections of what normal humans feel", as I saw it somewhere. (I don't quite agree with that, as I certainly do have people who mean something to me, and as I don't think my feelings aren't "real", but it is true that I'm a horribly selfish person, and I don't think I'd have as many friends as I do if people knew the real me. But I'm pretty sure you're not a psychopath.)

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