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i really hate my life, i lost my marriage and family because of my infidelity with my so called best same sex friend, what was i thinking? after he and i messed around he went to my wife to tell here all we did, and how it was all my desire, he thought if he td her how sorry he was and blaime it all on me he could swoop in to be apart of there lifes, how Fucked up is that? Now that i was asked to leave, i spend more than 3/4 my wage on childcare, alimony and debt while we were married. i cant even make enough to catch up or pay my current bills. beleive me i deserve what has happen to me, every bit and i see no way to recover from this, my kids hate me, my exwife hates me, and the only reason i havnt taken my own life yet is to gain the courage to hunt my ex friend down so i can shoot him in the his dick before i shoot myself.

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  • You can correct this mess by not killing yourself. Prove that your sorry by fixing your life and making amends. Be man enough to face all of these as this is part of the wrong choices you've made. Killing yourself and being dead wouldn't fix the things happened in the past.

  • You done messed up. I guess this is karma? good luck op

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