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When your gut tells you that the person you are with is cheating... do you go with it? Even if you have no actual proof... and the other individual denies any such thing, as well as getting told it's all fabricated/all in your head? I am truly struggling with this. I have never loved anybody else as much as my man, but from odd behavior to being treated poorly and from my gut, I truly believe someone else his attention. I would love and actually want to be so wrong in this case... but truth and reality are synonymous.

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  • sounds like my situation, MIne is cheating without a doubt but he won't confess. your gut is there for a reason. do not shun it away. I just wish whoever mine is cheating on me with would just say it already but they like what they are doing to much to come clean. it's all good tho I'm waiting to see karma take its toll. ;)

  • trust your guts (speaking from experience)

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