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I don't know how to tell my best friend without hurting his feelings, that stop sending me pictures of his ugly 1-year kid. It is cool if he's happy and proud of his kid, but I dont really care about it, I'm too busy with more important personal stuff. He knows I dont like kids too much and also that my wife and I planned to not having them, so I dont understand why he sends me pictures of his little monkey, sometimes it is awkward because I dont know what to answer him... ooh so cute, ooh what a boy.. ooh so big... seriously, just mehh zzZzz.. that's girls/women stuff.

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  • Kids are like farts, you can only stand yours. Block your friend, I know that type and is annoying.

  • Women stuff? I'm a woman and I don't ever wanna have anything to do with that stuff.

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