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Im a young teenage girl and i am confused about my sexuality. Ive never had a boy crush just one girl crush- but only out of admiration and wanting to BE her. When i see a guy in a movie that I like i get really excited and urges to kiss them and etc but it rarely happens. I wouldn't date or kiss a girl but I can't help looking at them , especially preety ones - why? Because i have problems with body image and I preety much want to look exactly like them. I want a boyfriend but i'm really young and "popular" girls/boys constantly talk about it as if they're pros. It puts me under pressure. However, I care more for females, if a girl dies in a film i get emotional. I find guys sexually attractive, but not girls. Based on what I wrote what sexuality would you think I am. I just need some reassurance because this has been troubling me for months. My heart goes quick every time someone brings up romance or anything like that. Sorry this is so long, I needed to get it all out.

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  • All I can say is; no one is completely one way or the other. It's okay to be unsure or change your mind. Labels are only there for other peoples convenience. As long as you're comfortable with yourself, it's all good. So find that and don't stress.

  • im sure you are straight i am to and i look at girls as well but just for comparison like "oh she has big boobs i wish i had bigger ones" or something like that 😂 but dont worry girl just wait until your older i can tell your into boys

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