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So I went to the fair with my friends. one of my friends I had to pick up from her house because she got in a fight with her grandma. The whole drive to the fair she was telling me how her bf didn't want her to go to the fair today. Like wtf, she planned this so dude chill. I was having fun at the fair with my friends, until her bf showed up at rhe fair walking by us on purpose. She started chasing him and then they started arguing. After he stormed off, she decided to see who he came with instead of hanging out with her friends she did not see for like 2 months. So me and the other girls ride the rides without her. Near 11, I am tired and want to go home. I text her that I am ready to leave, and she tells me she is coming. I wait 15 minutes and there is no sign of her. When I text her to hurry up because I am leaving, she tells me she is already at the front. I look around for her and do not see her so I exit the fair. She then texts me that she is at the picnic tables. I tell her to come out because I had already left and couldn't go back in, she then tells me she is going to stay with her bf. I waited 20 minutes for her to end with her not even coming and lying to my face about being at the damn picnic tables. Like wtf?

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  • That's really really weird. Don't feel bad, you didn't do anything wrong.

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