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I use to be ashamed of myself during middle school because of comments on the way I spoke. The comment I'd hear the most is, "You speak like a White person. " I'm a Hispanic guy who lived/lives in an area populated by Hispanics, African Americans, and a bit of Asians. Since most of my friends were/are Hispanics, I took offense to these types of comments because I was under the mindset of not being truly being part of my ethnic background. I didn't use slang or terms that were considered "wrong." Since then I found myself using an abundance amount of slang in conversations. However, I realized that the people who would comment on my speaking abilities are the people who fail to see the difference between your & you're. I now realize that I should not take offense for doing something the correct way instead of using vocabulary of a modern typical stereotype of a rapper (using street slang and urban statements ). Honestly I'm now only ashamed of myself for being ashamed of myself before in that way.

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  • I moved to England when I was 10. People used to joke about how I speak the language, they use to ask me questions that the know I don't ubderstand and tell me to answer a way which was funny so they laughed at me. 9 years later I am working as an interpreter, getting almost 20 pound per hour and people who I share a background with tell me all the time that they have never heared anyone talk in fluent English with an accent like me. I am very proud of myself, although my friends still pick up some words that I pronounce differently, like ibuprofen ect but they laugh wuth me not at me. So glad to see you overcame an issue which was affecting you. Keep it up!

  • Feel proud, I hate when someone deforms my language.

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