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I have a girlfriend we are now together for 6 months we met as I was shooting a new video (I'm in the adult film industry) I am starting to believe that she is only with me cuz of the sex because a friend of hers told me that.. she said that Claire loves me only for the sex.. what should I do?? this is for me only a job and I wanna be able to start a family and have kids and I love claire!

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  • Stop talking to her friends, and TALK TO HER. When I met my fiance, my friends told me he was nothing but trouble because he had no job, no high school diploma, no GED, basically no life. Not even a drivers license! 4 years later? He's had his current job for 4 years and is getting into management, he's starting college in the fall, he's found a side career in photography, we have two beautiful kids, and we're getting married in March 2015. And who knows where I would be. Point is, relationship problems should be kept between you and her. Be honest with her and tell her that her friend mentioned this and say that her (Your lady's) thoughts are what matters, and you want to know what she's thinking. And if she's truly just in it for sex, then either A. Enjoy the ride til someone who you love and who loves and respects you comes along or B. Drop her like the dead weight of roadkill.

  • the way this is written makes it sound like you are a 13 year old girl. maybe that's the problem.

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