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I spent a year talking with guy from across the world. Hey recently told me he was lying about who he was. And about how old he was. He told me not to tell anyone, so I'm posting it here. I feel like I lost a part of me since he told me he wasn't who I thought I was.

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  • I know it hurts, been there... But in other hand, it means that the guy really opened for you. He realised that he likes you so much that he decided to stop lying and confess everything to you. I know it hurts, I know you feel disappointed, but try to appreciate it. In the end his personality is still the same. Time heals wounds, give it some time. When I was in that situation, we stopped talking for 6 months. But I really missed him, because he was so close to me. So I wrote a message, told him everything about my feelings and we started to talk again. He is one of my best friends.

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