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I'm gay and I want to come out, but I'm slightly perplexed. I'm pretty sure everyone will accept me and I'm sure my sister and brother in law knows, but I still think: What if they disown me and kick me out on the street? I'm dying because I really want to be 100% myself, but that small fraction of doubt holds me back.

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  • JUST DO IT!!!

  • I went through a similar situation. I always figured my family would accept me if I came out, but that small doubt kept me from doing it until I was 22 and getting married last year. I wanted family there so I finally had to tell them. Everyone was 100% accepting like I figured they would be. It can be scary though, especially when a family has a religious background. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide when and if you are ready. You could always test the waters by asking a family member "How would you feel if I was gay"...and then back out if you feel hostility. Something to keep in mind. There are many support groups around. Especially on the Internet. There are also phone lines you can call.

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