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Im a girl. I love pokemon. I play a lot of video games. Im an honor student at school and have a wonderful job. I know how to cook and take care of a house. Im average looking and i feel like men should be given bjs to wake up in the mornings... Im single

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  • I'm also a girl. I also love pokemon (salamence is my fave). I also play video games (starcraft and counter strike). I'm not an honor student but I always belong to the top ten list of the class. I also have wonderful jobs (full time Software Enginner and part time web developer). I'm starting to learn how to cook and surprisingly I'm quite good at it but I prefer buying ready-made food than cook. I also know how to take care of the house as I was raise like that. I'm also average looking (sadly I didn't get my mom's looks). I think it would be cool to give BJs to wake up my boyfriend but I haven't done it yet. He always sleep in a position where he hides his.

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