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There is this girl, who has a boyfriend that is a guy I've liked for the longest time, and me and this girl and her boyfriend were friends before they started dating, so I ended up hanging out with her boyfriend more than her while they are together, and when I'm around her she brags continuously about how many boyfriends she has and how many guys want to ask her out. She also flirts with SO MANY men, and he still loves her dearly for over 4 years. I've never had a boyfriend, I'm 26, and I GODDAMN HATE THIS BIT*H, and I wonder all the time how she is special and why he likes her when her boyfriend and I have too much in common. It makes me depressed, feel like this issue is immature, making me feel immature, and I feel like I won't meet anyone ever. All I want to to is get away from these people I know. And what's worse is they are obviously probably going to get engaged. I WISH I NEVER MET THESE DOUCHES.

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  • move on ! This girl is a bitch, and this guy is just some random stupid brainless person. You deserve so much better

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