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I was badly anorectic in middle school, now in high school I became normal sized, but I feel like everyone judges me on my weight now, and that's why I starved myself in the first place long ago. They felt bad for me then and constantly told me to eat, but now its the opposite. When I had to say my weight for pole vault poles "5'4" 121 lbs" some people went wide eyed and some thinner laughed behind my back. I'm sorry being a normal healthy weight isn't great enough for your standards my dear peers.

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  • You're supposed to have toned athletic musculature. Nobody wants skinny or fat. Except the guys that like fat girls

  • Please try to remember that there is more to life than your appearance, I know that can be difficult because there is so much pressure. Try to surround yourself with people who value you for who you are and spend your time doing things that you enjoy. Enjoy your life whilst you are young, when you're old you will regret every wasted moment worrying about your appearance.

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