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My boyfriend has such a strong desire to be right that no matter whether I'm just technically correct or indisputably right, he'll twist the truth so that he is. It's put a huge strain on our relationship and hurt the both of us a lot, but since I can't help thinking every argument is my fault and I can't live without him, I won't do a single thing about it but hope that it stops.

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  • haha sounds like my dad >< just sit him down and talk it over with him.. if he cant do that for you,well then you deserve better =) 'hug'

  • this sounds like my story.. i ended up marrying tht guy n he made me feel like shit ... n evrythn on earth was my fault, his failures wre also my fault :( plzzz run away from ths guy as far as u cn .. u think u cant live wthout him, but u will b able to n ull be very happy as well once u manage to get over him ... plz run .. hoping ull nt make the same mistake tht i made :)

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