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I have had a boyfriend for about 2 years. Recently I feel like I have stopped caring about him. I mean I still want to know how he is and I still want to help him with everything I can, and sex is good. But I feel like I have not lived and I want to experience things; I feel sad and miserable very often, but I have to hide it because he does not understand me. Is this what love is like (giving up on parts of you) or have I just moved apart from him? I truly am confused with my feelings, I don’t know if I still love him the way I did before, or am I just too scared to move on.

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  • Look I think the reason why you were with him in the first place is cause you didn't love yourself, and he provided something that filled the endless void that caused you to feel something for a couple of years. But now that you see that you could do so much more. You start losing that feeling of filling that void. You need to love yourself before you love someone. I know it is said alot but it is true

  • Two years ago I was in very similiar situation as you. I had dated my boyfriend for three years and was deeply in love with him. Suddenly my feelings vanished. I still cared about him, but I wasn't sure anymore if I wanted to spend rest of my life with him. It took me over half a year to break up with him. It hurted him (and also me because I didin't want to hurt him) very much but it has been the best decision I have made in my life and I have no regrets ( I feel bad to say this but I feel better now that the uncertainty of my feelings for him is over ). I suggest that you break it up if you feel like you would have to lose parts of yourself, because your life is yours to live and you should be who you are. Moving on can be scary ( I was scared to death when my relationship fell apart ) but it can make yourself feel better about you and your life. This is just something that I wanted to share. I hope you had anykind of help from this but it's still important that you decide by yourself, not by my lifestory. Sorry for long post :) (+ sorry for my english, not my national language..)

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