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I lack excitement in my life. My girlfriend doesn't share my "lust for life" out of fear or lack of confidence and often it feels like she's holding me back. So did most of my best friends whom I grew up with. Sometimes, I feel like leaving everything behind, including money and just start walking towards east. But I know that would hurt her and my family, and so I don't. Where's the line between doing what you're suppose to do and plain selfishness?

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  • the line is wherever you want to put it. the question is when are you ready to cross it and leave everything that pains you. why think about it when its only temporary

  • Start saving for your sabbatical, go backpacking in a country or continent for minimum a month to a year. Go alone, have fun and live to the extreme, meet as many people as you can. After the trip decide what you want out of life relationship and personal wise. Don't offer your whole life up to satisfy everyone except yourself. Thailand is an amazing country to Backpack and it will give you time to focus your needs and wants.

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