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People think I smoke weed because I'm just another stoner, but really it's the only thing that gets me through the day without crying.

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  • me too. my ex boyfriends all judged me because of this habit, they say I'm addicted and that's why I cry. But they don't know that I went to hospital with a crying fit at the age of 9, and that I cry myself to sleep everyday since I can remember. Until I discovered that weed would dry my tears. I am not happy, but at least when I'm high I don't cry, even being depressed. As a stoner I am cool to some people, as a patient on "happy pills" , I would be a loser to everyone.

  • I use to cry in my job when I was going to wash lenses to a machine, even without making a ugly face, just the drops ran out of my eyes. I was really depressed... But nothing stays the same. Believe me. When you see the mess in your life, you cannot live, when you watch things, you stop moving. You have to have a goal and just every day without thinking in success or hope, go and do what you have to do... that will give you confidence, and with time, you´ll find peace. And will be able to live your life with confidence.

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