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I am pregnant and heavily depressed and suicidal. Everyone whom I opened to told me just to smile and "everything's gonna be alright". Only my fiance tries to understand me but since he is overwhelmed by seeing me that way he isn`t able to help me. I really need help, not only because of my little baby ... But I can`t talk. with every time someone just smiling at my confession, I lost more and more the ability to talk about my feelings (I got raped, abused by my stepfather and so on). I know everyone has its own package to carry and its own problems but why can`t someone just help me?

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  • pregnancy hormones screw with you. wanting to kill yourself won't be how you feel forever. After post partum life feels good again.

  • Guys it's me again.. I got over my depression, started to go to work again and enjoyed life, I began to love my baby.. Then I lost it. But I'm over that, I guess. I still enjoy life, go every through battle and hold my head up high. I guess, I still need help but after all I went through all this without ending my life with suicide.

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