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I drifted apart from a very close friend recently. Sure, she had a tough time and I really tried being there for her. But I got tired of her sh*t when she turned against me and started partly blaming me. Truth is, I had to deal with much more worse things than she does and I grew stronger because of them. Now I'm not even feeling bad saying that she annoys me. Seriously, freaking grow up already !

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  • It`s a good thing to cut people out of your life if their presence gives you a hard time. I had a girl friend who got dumped by her boyfriend. She started calling me almost daily to go out for coffee. She used to get mad when I refused her, mostly because I have a job and she still gets money from her parents. In the occasions I accepted to meet with her, she would always ask to meet at a coffee shop near her apartment building. I had to change 2 subways to get there because if I wanted to meet somewhere else, meaning she would have to actually walk there, she would take back the invitation. She was like a goddamned princess and everyone had to do her way or else she would take her toys and leave. Funny thing was when she had some appearance in some club and invited a bunch of her friends, myself included. None of us actually went. None. And she got mad at us for making excuses. How come she couldn`t see the fact that she was the problem and because of her we all made excuses?

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