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I can't read music notes.. when I was small I wanted to play musics (not sure what instrument I should pick up) and in my school most of the kids already knew the basics, some can play very well. I got discourage by the teacher because apparently I'm too "slow" and my parents never interested to send me to music classes. So, I dropped the class and never touch musics ever again even though I got keyboards at home. Now, thinking about it I feel like I should have self thought myself to play. I used to spend a lot of time play by ear for months to get a correct tones for a song (no one taught me) until my mom told me I was making too much noise and I just give up on it.

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  • You can always learn. Sheet music is actually pretty easy once you get the basics. I'm sure there are lots of tutorials on YouTube or maybe even khanacademy.com

  • Hey, I have a piano and I can't play by notes, I play by ear. Nothing wrong with that, really. Anyways, when my parents are out, I play without headphones and when they're in I play with headphones. Otherwise my parents would get nuts too... It's not that you are playing so terribly, it's just that it's noise nonetheless. If you learn enough, you'll soon be awesome at what you do, don't worry

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