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I love my 3yo daughter, and her mother. everydays a new adventure. my wife is so beautiful sometimes I get nervous talking to her. sometimes I feel bad that she's the provider and I'm stay at home dad, but then i get to spend time with my beautiful daughter and that makes it worth it. but one time while my wife was at work my daughter had tripped and pulled my pants down. I then picked her up and made sure she was ok. i didn't realize my pants still were down. my daughter grabbed my dick I wanted to tell her no, but her hands were so soft. I walked her to the couch, sat next to her and let her play some more. I was so close to cumming and then she put her mouth on it... I emptied my scrotum in her mouth and on her face. she looked so scared... I told her it was ok and took her to the bathroom to clean her off. i still haven't told her mom

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  • THIS IS SO FUCKING FAKE. She 'tripped' and completely pulled down your pants and your underwear? How convenient. And she just magically knew to put her hands on your dick and to suck on it, right? Stop posting fake ass stories for attention. And if this really is true, then you're the worst father on the planet and you deserve to die

  • Okay, I was like.. Aww this is a sweet loving husband/father, but wth.. No. Um.. she is 3 years old.. I suggest you never let that happen again

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