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Sorry if this is long but I hope you read and help me out. I am a girl and I have a guy friend. We used to send nudes to each other.We also told our feelings to each other. Until it hit me one day, the most day I tried to ignore. He went off to another girl, and I was off the picture. I know I can't stop him so I just let him. Since the day he disappeared, I became miserable but at the same time, had myself to think everything and decisions to make. Not long,literally, we talked again. They didn't clicked so he wants us to be back. I told him everything. He said he doesn't want a relationship with me for a reason(I will keep for me). As what he said is true but that shouldn't really matter a lot. I told him I no longer want to do nudes anymore and he knows why. But he keeps doing it and encourages me to do it as he sees nothing wrong. I feel bad for myself and for him. I need your advice and opinions. You are the ones I can only talk to. -both legal age

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  • Since you've already showed your complete naked self to him you must feel awkward to cover up. The tough part is to build a relationship from here on. What you need to do is tell him you need to see him in person and make the relationship more real because you need him by your side 24/7. He cannot deny what you demand from him. The more you pressure him you are exerting your right. Keep doing this so he can't demand you to expose yourself repeatedly and demand for an official relationship. Now if he doesn't respect you or tries to blackmail you you know how to use the legal system. Stay strong. You benefit nothing from exposing yourself. Turn the pressure on him and don't feel bad for him...he has your pic. you don't have his.

  • Don't fall into peer pressure. If you don't want to send nudes than don't. He is the one that disappeared on you, I don't know why you would think he came back to talk to you to actually be in a relationship with you. He is trying to use you for nudes

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