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this girl likes me... and I don't really have any feelings toward her... when i met her I just wanted to fuck but things changed and I decided not to use her like that... now 4 years later she is still tring to be my girlfriend. I tried to give her a chance but you can't force feeling on your self for another person... and idk how to tell her I just don't like her

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  • See you're thinking too much...how do you even know she is trying to be your girlfriend??? See I approached this guy wanting to be friends with him and he said he didn't need another girlfriend and I agreed that I wasn't looking for such a relationship with him as I was already married however he became perverted with me upon our first convo with him and insisted wanting to sleep with me. Now that was fucked up so I decided to meet with him in person so he could sort out his understanding towards me. It made it clear to me that he saw me as a slut when he didn't get what he desired from me which was a fling/affair. So I had to come to terms with his perception...and moved on with the little bit dignity I had left...you just need to stop attending her phone calls...that is what the guy did to me...so I learned that the guy didn't even respect me at a human level (won't go into details). You won't need to explain yourself your actions will prove it.

  • just tell her you like her but as a friend..

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