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I hate the Internet. I hate what it's done to me, what it continues to do to me. When I was ten, but six years ago, I was happy, slightly-religious, and wrote poetry about the horrors of slavery and how we should all be friendly to one another. Now I'm sixteen, as I said. I'm a cynical racist to the point where I think nothing actually will make an impact, and I'm more disgusted by black people in porn than by some guy tying up a mouse and snipping off it's limbs. That's not an outlandish exaggeration, that's a fact I discovered today. I hate what the Internet has done, but I can't leave, because I love it at the same time.

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  • The Internet MAKES you watch black guy porn and animal tortue videos? 😏

  • The internet has nothing to do with it. You choose to be racist. That is a decision you made. Quit blaming the internet for your problems and instead take some time to look inside yourself and determine why you're such an asshole.

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