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My moms an alcoholic and yells at me for no reason. Idk if I can take it anymore.

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  • Yeah, it sucks. My mom would do the same thing, so I enrolled in as many after school programs as I could. If you can find a cheap gym or friend with membership, the gym can be a good distraction as well. Just get good grades and a diverse background of activities then use this as your achieving through adversity essay for college/scholarships and you can escape her via college. That's what I did and I found a much better life. Especially when I realized some of my friends had similar issues. It's also never to soon to pick up side jobs to save for college so long as they don't interfere with your studies. You can essentially make more money through a full ride if you get good enough grades and test scores and show well roundedness. If you're in the US you should go on fastweb.com if it still exists and see what scholarships are out there so you have a better idea of what path you should take. That's how I ended up in a town I love thousands of miles away from my abusive mother. I truly hope this helps.

  • Aww): everything is going to be okay talk to someone about it like an adult that is willing to help you out,move in with a family member that cares a lot for you ,get your mom help love .

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