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i had sex with my best friend who also works at the same place as i do... ive been in love with him for a lot of years and it suddenly happened... i met him while he was single and he didnt find me attractive, but he is always there for me, even if its the simplest thing, he will help me do it... now he's living with a girl and has a child and he's all the time trying to get into my bed... buys me chocolates, roses, etc... kisses my neck, showlder or forehead when no one is looking... makes me be so angry.

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  • Baby move on.you don't deserve a guy like that he has a child and a girlfriend why would he do that.is like saying a cheater is always a cheater,so if you want to be with him and y'all end up dating ,please don't date him he is going to do the same to you ( cheat ) I hope this helps ❤️goodluck sweetheart

  • that sounds like my baby daddy

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