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i had sex with the man i've loved for a long time; when i met him i thought he was the one, but i wasn't his one haha! he was single then... he has always been there for me, supporting me and caring... but whe he had a child with the woman he was dating, he started to act different with me, i saw him as a brother by that time so imagine my surprice when he kissed me ... when we both got drunk and we had sex, he was so gentle, he hug me the whole time after that, he felt sleep in my arms and when he woke up he kissed my forehead. i felt so bad... i didnt want to see him but we also work together... i told him i felt bad about us because i loved him and i didnt want to be just another girl in his life... so now he starts talking to me about new girls as if nothing ever happened between us... i just hate myself and him cause i loved to be just his friend thinking he was the perfect man loyal to his woman.... i thought he loved our friendship why did he do that to me?? he knows plenty of girls, why me?? he tells me he has been with others but i have read is diary (i know where he leaves it) and thats not true... im so sad, angry... in love :(

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  • tell him the truth, tell him everything. Tell him how it hurts when he talks about other girls. Tell him how horrible he makes you feel. if he doesn't stop..And keeps talking about other girls and doesn't even care. just tell him to duck off and ignore him at work.

  • you sound kind of pathetic. I love women like you, so does he. I would string you along forever, getting my dick wet whenever I was bored, or desperate. are you fat? or kind of ugly with a nice ass? butterface? there's a reason why you will always be friendzoned, or a side bitch. accept your role, or grow some self esteem and take control of your life...loser.

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