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Hey, thanks for reading. So I have really strong feelings for my physiotherapist (32 yo) who I've been seeing for about 8-9 months now, after I fractured my ankle (I'm 26 yo). I feel we have developed a really great connection and friendship, and I often feel like we are flirting with each other. When I attend an appointment we spend almost double my allocated appointment time talking and she will often work on additional issues for me at no charge. I work in theatre, and have invited her to come and watch shows I have worked on and she has come on three separate occasions, where we have spent hours talking. She could have easily left after the show had finished, but always stays to chat with me and is often the last person to leave. I'm not sure if she's gay - we are friends on Facebook but there's nothing on her Facebook that tells me whether she is also into women. She knows that I am, but she has never mentioned anything about her private life. We get along so well and I think the world of her - but it's such a fine line to know whether it's inappropriate to pursue even though we have met up outside of the client/physio context and clearly we have a legitimate friendship. And I have no idea whether she is actually gay or just being super friendly... I really feel for her <3 Any opinions, suggestion or comments would be welcome, please help!

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  • Before you mentioned you were a woman, I was all "she is CLEARLY into you, go for it". Rereading it with that knowledge, I still think you should. There are a ton of hints right there, so why not risk it? What have you got to lose?

  • You're free to pursue the day after your physiotherapy is over. You don't want to do something stupid like mistake her eager friendship for romantic interest and then have your rehab get weird. Don't shit where she eats please

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