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Months ago, I kinda hooked up with this guy, but not officially. After 10 days, his girlfriend caught him cheating on her. Well, this guy told me that he didn't have a girlfriend, I knew that he was lying but I pretended that I trust him because I needed to get my mind off of things and I thought maybe he was having some inside problem with his girl. I intended to apologise to his girl cause I feel bad for using him but then it turned out that I wasn't his only side chick. So I decided to back off from their problem and left. I saw this guy recently at a café, he was with his friends but I wasn't sure if he noticed me. I actually really want to say hi and ask how he is doing but I'm afraid that he'll ignore me... what do you guys think?

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  • I think he's a dick and you should avoid him. He can't be the only person interested in you.

  • You're too cool for him...so act it...don't put yourself in a position to be ignored...in fact pretend you don't even recognize him;)

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