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Ive just accepted a job offer for something i don't really want,but the one i want wont communicate..wont tell me if i can even go for an interview. Its been 2 months now and no response It hurts, i want the job so much. I have so little in my life that gives me happiness...im ugly no woman wants me and i can understand that. But if i can get this job then it will occupy my mind and make me want to get up in the morning. Whenever i feel depressed about being this loser who is so ugly and lacking intelligence with no friends then i can think about my job instead and it takes the pain away. I had a taster before and i worked harder than i have ever done in my life. Its not even an amazing huge salary job to many, its a little thing but everything from the role to the location would mean the world to me. Heartache is all i feel, i don't want to take my second choice i want to win just for once.Get something to make me feel life is worth living.

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  • of your job isn't something you want and something that make you happy you should try something else. the job that you want doesn't reply but i think this isn't the only opportunity. there are more jobs like the one you want. Tey other companies. I am sure that there are more jobs available, just like the one you want!

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