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I remember when I first thought "I wish I could sleep forever". It didn't seem like a big deal at the time but now I contemplate killing myself every day. I've written countless suicide notes and I can't stop thinking about the pills in the cupboard and the beams in the garage.

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  • Life can be so shitty sometimes, trust me, I know. But I promise you that things do get better. You just have to give it time sweetie. Soon enough things will be brighter. Take care!

  • Listen, I've been there. It would be so easy to just pop some pills, but not only will you suffer a lot, you won't be giving your life a chance to improve. I know it seems hopeless right now, but things do get better. I'm so glad I didn't kill myself. I got into the school I wanted, I have a loving girlfriend, my family issues dissipated, I've taken in a sweet stray cat... Things are better. And if I had killed myself, I never would have gotten here. Sure, things still stress me out and my depression sometimes makes me feel worthless, but overall, I do feel better. Please give yourself some time... Things will improve. They always do.

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