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I'm so sick of people acting like animals anymore. Why do we need to shoot each other , or shoot up. Family stealing from family . We don't smile or acknowledge someone walking past anymore. It's great breaking and sad when we'd rather be superior than friendly. I wish we could go back before the times where we were less self absorbed. Anyone going who's through a though time please keep your head up someone loves you. if you ever need to talk I'm here

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  • Maybe it was because we were so selfless that it tore us apart. She shoot up to forget the times we felt worst and we don't smile because the person passing by has a forgettable face. We are friendly, but sometimes it's too difficult to be positive when there is nothing to be positive about. It's just a fact of life, plus there was never a time when all was well. Ever since humans were first born we've always been going through harsh times and was only positive when we had the reason to be.

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