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I don't have anything against Christmas but...I just don't like going to my relative's house for Christmas dinner since there's so many people and it's SO BORING! Like I don't want to talk to these people, heck, I barely even KNOW these people. My family is mostly Catholic but a small portion of it is Christian so we do get a lot of Christmas, but I'm just not feeling it very much. I mean I love the winter attire and presents and festivities such as food and winter break and such but I just don't really enjoy Christmas in general. I hate the feeling where someone could give you a fucking 100 dollar bill when all that you give back is a drawing you made for them. It's just SO STRESSFUL like seriously. Not just that but it's also close to my cat's birthday so I'm spending so much time thinking about cat toys and scratching posts that I don't have time to think about what treats I should bring to school to share among my friends before the new year. I mean her birthday is important to me because she's my cat and loves it when she gets a little celebration but I just feel so guilty whenever I receive a present and give little or nothing back like ugh why do I have to have a family for Christmas can't I just eat treats and watch the Sherlock Special with my gang this year ;-;

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  • I don't celebrate Christmas because it has pagan origins and has nothing to do with Christianity.

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